Types Of SEO article

Types of SEO

Digital Marketing is a bunch of methods which if done systematically and adequately, produces more traffic to the website. If you want to know more regarding digital marketing and its scope in the current scenario, you can refer to this article.

One such method in digital marketing is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the prime techniques when we talk about digital marketing. Let’s first begin with explaining SEO before going onto the types of SEO.


What is SEO?

SEO is a process that may sometimes be defined or might not be, which improves the ranking of your page or website on Google search results. Whenever you search on Google, you will find 10-15 websites related to your search on the first page. This list is ranked by google depending on various factors. To rank in the top, 10-15 brings more traffic to the website and indirectly leads to an increase in the sales figures. The classification of SEO techniques are as follows:

  • OFF Page SEO
  • ON Page SEO


OFF page SEO are the methods of improving website or page rank, which constitute external ranking signals like backlinks or unlinked mention of your business. These practices act as a helper to Google, where Google assumes that your content is appropriate to the search query and ranks your page accordingly.

If we explain with an example, then mention of your business on any of the social media websites, a QnA site, online directory, and many more acts a boost to the rank of your website.

ON Page SEO:

Optimizing the website content itself, which is the primary source of ranking for Google, is ON Page SEO. The aim behind using this method is to ease the process for the users in finding, using, and understanding the information on the page.

ON Page SEO also helps Google decide whether the data on your page is relevant to the searcher’s query or not. Some of the critical areas of focus in this are title tags, meta tags, alt text, meta description, and many more.

Now that we have covered the basics of SEO, let’s see the types of SEO which digital marketers often use in day to day work.

Currently, there are around four different types of SEO that are used to improve your traffic.

  • Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO is a shortcut method to reach your destination. This is fast and gives quick results as you surpass the Google Guidelines. If you open the Google guidelines, then these are the things which you will find in the ‘What not to do section.’

Higher the return higher the risk is taken, a common saying which is perfect for this SEO type. This SEO type does come with the risk of getting banned.

Some of the examples of Black Hat SEO are:

  1. Purchasing backlinks and citations
  2. Doorway Pages mean several similar pages with a slight difference in content.
  3. Not enough content on-page to be useful.
  4. Private link building
  • White Hat SEO:

The techniques which are per the Google Guidelines. This usually takes more time and money, but the traffic and the authority which one creates is excellent. Most of the companies and freelancers( Including me) use these techniques to rank higher.

Some of the examples of White Hat SEO are:

  1. You are writing useful and relevant content.
  2. Promoting your content on Social Media
  3. Optimizing ON page content to match the competition level
  • Grey Hat SEO:

Grey Hat SEO is a mix of both the Black and the White Hat SEO. These are so as they do not specifically find there place in the What not to do section but can land your page into trouble.

Some of the examples of White Hat SEO are:

  1. Clickbait usage
  2. Buying reviews
  • Negative¬† SEO

Competition among the websites is expected until it is a healthy one. But performing Black and SEO techniques on the rival site for yourself to rank up is Negative SEO. Though not recommended by me but are used by experts in the field.

Some of the examples of White Hat SEO are:

  1. Content copying
  2. They are building unnatural links for competitor’s websites.

These practices may be legal or Illegal but currently prevalent in the modern digital world. The colors in the SEO term have the same indication that they have in the real world scenario. This indicates a contrast between the good and the bad.




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