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Weekly Workout for men: Top 7 Best Ways to Get a Bigger more Muscular Chest

This is my second article under the category of Personal Experience, and here I will be talking about how to get a bigger, more muscular chest. If you have been following my blog, then you might be knowing that I have recently started doing yoga. Lockdown and corona did force me to perform yoga as I had no equipment for weight training at home. But my love for fitness has not risen in the past few months. My passion for fitness and gym dates back to December 2018 when I went to a gym for the first time.

It’s been almost a year and a half (before corona), and I have never missed a single day gym. These 1.5 years have been quite a journey starting from unable to lift a bench-press rod the first day to performing 80kgs press. Bench press reminds me of how I struggled in the initial months.

But soon I discovered what is working for my chest and what is not. To get a bigger more muscular chest is what every gym-going guy wants. So here, I will explain what schedule you should follow to get a big muscular chest.

But before I prepare a schedule for you, we must see that what we are targeting actually. It’s better if we first understand what our chest is made up of.

What is the chest made up of?

chest muscle labeling

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This is how a normal human chest looks and is made up of 2 kinds of muscles, which are named as Pectoral major and minor, respectively. For building a bigger more muscular chest, we need to train each one of them regularly to get the best results for your chest.

If you talk to any of the gym experts, they will tell you 2-3 exercises for the chest day in your gym. But I feel its better if you do multiple exercises. This is because different exercises have different pressure points on the same muscle, which helps develop a muscle.

Now let’s look into the list of exercises that are best and followed in the proper schedule will help in building the chest you desire.

Top 10 best exercises for building a bigger more muscular chest

1.      Straight Bench-press

No matter how many machines come in the market to target the chest muscle, this exercise can’t be beaten—one of the most effective exercises to target the middle chest muscle.

It is one such exercise, which is the essential most requirement for chest building. But most of the people don’t do it in proper posture.

And I want to warn you if you don’t do bench press in a proper posture, you might end up injuring your shoulders. It’s better to lift less than lift wrong. Start with the minimum weight and progress as you feel comfortable and have proper posture.

Now let’s see what’s the proper posture for a good bench press.

benchpress posture

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This is the posture in which the bench press should be performed. You can read more about the correct potion for bench-pressing by clicking here.

Pro Tip: Whenever you hit the gym for your chest day, I would advise you to give an empty rod 20-30 reps of chest press in good posture. This will not only give your body a start on low weight in the pose but also will open up your chest muscles to get ready for weights to come.

Taking about weights as a beginner, you should always try to keep the weight constant on which you comfortable first to learn the correct posture. The idle set for a beginner would be 15- 14-13 reps on a constant weight.

If you have been doing bench press for quite a time, you must go for progressive weight. Try to go with an average value and then try increasing the weight in each set. The matter should be considered up and not significantly less or more up. As you push up, the value reduces the reps. An idle set would be 15-12-10.

2.      Incline Bench press

As I told you earlier, to build a complete bigger more muscular chest, you have to target the muscles in the chest. So as the standard bench press targets the middle muscle of the chest. The incline Bench press targets the upper muscle of the chest and has a different pressure point.

incline bench press

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Ensure you don’t lift the same weight as on the straight bench press as the incline bench press is a bit heavy compared to a straight one. Follow the same progression method of 15-12-10 reps in a set. This should be accompanied with progressive loading.

3.      Decline Bench Press

Now that we have targeted both middle and upper muscles, its time to target the lower muscles directly. The decline bench press is a bit lighter than the straight one, so you might be able to lift a bit heavyweight compared to what you lifted in the straight one. The rod in the straight bench press has a pressure point in the nipple line. Here the pressure point is in the lower line below the nipple.

decline bench press

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Follow the same weight progression method as of the other two exercises. That is going on increasing considerable weight for the three sets. Keep in mind to keep the legs full intact with the bench and don’t lift them while performing the exercises.

These were set of bench press exercises, which should be performed at least twice a week to get good results for your chest muscles.

If you are comfortable with the bench press posture, you can also go with the dumbbell press. I would suggest this because it helps in incorporating equal strength in both hands.

What usually happens that from childhood, we have been using one of our hand more than the other. This has led to the building of natural strength in that hand. While also exercising, many of the people complain regarding the imbalance in power in both hands. To overcome the imbalance, it’s advisable to use dumbbells rather than rod to impart equal force in both the arms. Also, the dumbbells increase the range of motion of your chest muscles, thus giving more pressure to the muscles.

4.      Push-ups

Push-Ups is one of the most basic exercises which many people do as a warm-up exercise. But you can include this exercise in your chest day workout as well. Push-ups are one such exercise that helps in the development of a complete body. I have seen people transforming just by adding 50 push-ups to their daily routine.

push ups

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Push-ups are of various kinds and postures. Different push-ups target different muscle joints. If we start talking about push-ups, it will take many new articles with 1000 words to explain the benefits.

You can go with regular push-ups as it benefits the chest the most. If you are a beginner in push-ups and are unable to do push-ups, try taking the support. Do it by keeping your feet on a bed or stool or ask someone just to grab your legs and then you perform the push-ups.

In terms of reps, everyone should do at least 50-60 push-ups on your chest day. You may do it in repetitions of 20 or as you feel comfortable. Just divide the 60 push-ups into nearly equal repetitions set.

5.      Butterfly

Developing a full chest is the aim of this article. And without the middle partition of the chest, the chest in incomplete. So, a butterfly is very much an important exercise to help you build the chest from the center.

butterfly exercise

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One major thing in butterfly is that people often lift weights on shoulder muscles rather than the middle of the chest.

One pro tip in this exercise is that concentrate on the middle of the chest and try squeezing it from there. If you can’t concentrate, ask someone to put a hand on the center of your chest so that you can easily focus on that point. If you still can’t, ask him to apply little pressure on the center of your chest. You will surely see the results.

The butterfly should be done in a set of 3 with 15-12-10 reps and should always be done after bench press, for you can easily concentrate in the middle of your chest.

6.      Cable Fly

This is one secret exercise that not many know nor suggest. All the exercises, which are bench press push-ups they develop the outer chest and target it. But until you build your chest from inside, it won’t add to the strength of your chest muscles.

This exercise is one that builds your chest from inside and adds to the strength of the muscles. This also gives a pump to the chest from inside.

cable fly
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You should add this exercise to your weekly routine. Try starting with low weights and gradually increase the value in sets. The repetitions should be in a group of 3 of 12-10 -8 with a progressive weight. Try to squeeze the chest in this as much as possible as it will build the inner chest.

7.      Dips

This is one such exercise that, yes, helps build the chest, but if you are a beginner, you should refrain from this as this requires good triceps strength. You can do it if you can get a little bit of support from your friend or trainer.

The people who have been in the gym for quite a time should go for dips. There is no particular number of repetitions. You can go to the number you can do.


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Now let’s make a plan for you in the week to build a bigger muscular chest.

To get a bigger more muscular chest, you must train your chest at least twice every week. And also, do not train muscles used in the chest on the same day like biceps triceps. You may do legs but prefer doing back on the same day.

Weekly Routine

Go with the chest workout on Monday and then on Thursday. You may go on any days but do see you give ample time for your muscle to rest correctly. Else you might injure your muscle.

Weekly routine

1.Push Ups 3 sets 15-20 reps (If you can do more, try doing with putting weight on your back)

2.Bench Press 3 sets with progressive loading 15-12-10

3. Incline bench press three sets with progressive loading 15-12-10 reps

4. Butterfly/Dumbbell Fly or Decline Bench press 15-12-10 reps

5. Cable Fly or Dips 15-12-10 reps

Follow this routine with a good diet, and you will see the results in a few weeks only.

In diet, yes, I do go for protein. You may go for any whey protein; all give good results. It’s just which one is easy to digest and does not provide a bloating feeling. My recommendation is of ON Gold Standard rest; you can go for anyone you wish to.

All the best guys just follow these things, and you will surely get a bigger more muscular chest.


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