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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process of communicating and promoting your offerings and services through internet and other online technologies which utilize this content like mobile phones, desktops, computers and many more. This has been in a trend with the growing audience on the web. This encouraged big as well as small brands  as they saw this as an opportunity to serve such a big customer base. All the businesses are nowadays trying hard to reach the people as fast and as effective way as possible. And for this they have been hiring digital marketers who have the complete knowledge how to market the product to increase the sales.

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Who is Mohit Kumar?

I am an MBA professional from IIT Roorkee and has been helping businesses in developing their online presence through various digital marketing techniques, website building and social media campaigns. I have been certified in various SEO and digital marketing courses from Google and other prestigious organizations. Working SEO tools and drawing useful insights from the data useful for the business’s growth are my areas of interest.