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Who is Mohit Kumar ?

An alumni from IIT Roorkee and a Digital Marketing freelancer based in Noida. He has been helping businesses build their online presence through various digital marketing techniques. Bulk content creation and keyword specific SEO are areas of expertise.

My Services

Content creation

Content is the new fuel which drives the traffic towards your website. Expert in creating high quality content in bulk.

Digital Marketing

Build your online presence and attracting traffic to the website and products and turn them into your sales figures..


Top 10 pages draw the maximum business on search engines. Rank yourself high on Google and increase the online business.

Link Building

Link Building is a team process is a myth which I break daily. High quality link building is a process to build your authority online.

Process Optimization

Match the processes of your organization to the six sigma level to ensure higher productivity and lower wastage.

Website Design

Don’t wait for customers to come to you physically, build your online presence now and reach customers through your website.

Build Online Presence

Digital Marketing
Content Creation
Process Optimization

Online Presence

Projects Worked Upon
Sites Optimized
Articles on Web
Mohit has studied and optimized our supply chain process at the organization. Also he helped us with the getting the process at par with the global standards.

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